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Hershey's Christmas Tree Tutorial UPDATED!!!!

PLEASE NOTE: There is an updated version of this tutorial HERE!

When I designed the Hershey’s Christmas Tree last November, I had no idea that it would be this popular. I have learned a lot about making Hershey’s favors since then and I wanted to come back and update the measurements so that the kisses wouldn’t slide out so easily. I played around with the measurements until I balanced the need for the kisses to stay in place, with the need to be able to put them in the holder with ease.

The good news is, only ONE step has been affected by the measurement changes and that is STEP 1 and TIME SAVER STEP 1. I have updated the Hershey’s Christmas Tree tutorial below, but I’m leaving the old tutorial there as well, so that you can reference both if necessary. I will NOT be updating the video.

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Hershey's Christmas Tree Tutorial


1. Tree Frame: Begin with a 9-¾” x 2” piece of Garden Green Card Stock. On the long side, score at 3”, 6-1/8” and 9-¼”.

Step Two

2. On the short side score at 1”.

Step Three

3. Squeeze some multipurpose liquid glue lengthwise along the strip.

Step Four

4. Fold the strip in half lengthwise and use your bone folder to burnish the strip.

Step Five

5. Fold the strip along the score lines. Squeeze some multipurpose liquid glue onto the tab end.

Step Six

6. Bring the ends of the piece together to form a triangle. Make sure you hold the tab down for a few seconds so that the glue can seal the card stock fibers together. Set aside.

Step Seven

7. Tree Insert Pieces: Begin with a 11” x 2” piece of Garden Green Card Stock. On the long side score at all the inch marks (ie. 1”, 2”, 3” etc.)

Step Eight

8. Cut this piece in half lengthwise at the 1” mark.

Step Nine

9. Then take one of the strips and cut it at the 4” mark.

Step Ten

10. You should now have 3 one-inch strips 4”, 7” and 11” long.

Step Eleven

11. Take the longest strip and fold it into a strip of triangles.

Step Twelve

12. Fit the folded triangle strip into the bottom of the tree frame.

Step Thirteen

13. Next, take the medium length strip and fold it into triangles.

Step Fourteen

14. Fit the folded triangle strip into the row above the first strip in the tree frame.

Step Fifteen

15. Now fold the smallest strip into a triangle.

Step Sixteen

16. Fit the triangle into the top spot of the tree frame.

Step Seventeen

17. Pop 9 Hershey’s Kisses into the triangular spaces. NOTE: The side with the tab should face the bottom to keep the tree symmetrical.

Step Eighteen

18. Tie with an 18” length of grosgrain. NOTE: The side with the tab should face the bottom to keep the tree symmetrical. See step seventeen for better photo.

Step Nineteen

19. Tree Trunk: Start with a piece of Chocolate Chip Card Stock 5-3/4” x 2”, On the long side score at 1”, 2-3/8”, 3-3/8” and 4-3/4”.

Step Twenty

20. On the short side, score at 1”.

Step Twenty-one

21. Squeeze some multipurpose liquid glue lengthwise along the strip.

Step Twenty-two

22. Fold the strip in half lengthwise and use your bone folder to burnish the strip.

Step Twenty-three

23. Squeeze some multipurpose glue onto one of the ends of the strip.

Step Twenty-four

24. Now fold on the other score marks and adhere to form a rectangle. Place two strips of sticky strip on the edges of the rectangle.

Step Twenty-five

25. Remove the sticky strip liner and adhere the tree to the trunk. Pop 2 Hershey’s nuggets into the trunk piece.

Step Twenty-six

26. Finish off the tree as desired. I suggest packaging the trees in one of Stampin' Up's clear envelopes (see above photo). This will ensure that the kisses stay in place for gift-giving.

Timesaver Tips

Time Saver for Step One UPDATED

Time Saver Step 1 Begin with a 9-¾” x 8” piece of Garden Green Card Stock. On the 9-¾ side, score at 3”, 6-1/8” and 9-¼”.

Time Saver for Step Two

Time Saver Step 2 On the 8" side, score at 1”, 3”, 5” and 7”. Also on the 8" side, cut the card stock into 2” strips. You should now have enough outer frame pieces to create FOUR trees.

Time saver for Steps Seven to Nine

Time Saver Steps 7-9 Begin with a 11” x 8” piece of Garden Green Card Stock. On the long side score at all the inch marks (ie. 1”, 2”, 3” etc.). On the 8” side cut the card stock into one-inch strips. Then cut four of the strips at the 4-inch mark. This will give you enough insert strips to create FOUR trees.

Time Saver for Step Nineteen

Time Saver Step 19 Start with a piece of Chocolate Chip Card Stock 5-3/4” x 10”. On the 5-3/4” side, score at 1”, 2-3/8”, 3-3/8” and 4-3/4”.

Time Saver for Step Twenty

Time Saver Step 20 On the 10” side, score at 1”, 3”, 5”, 7” and 9”. Also on the 10” side, cut the card stock into two-inch strips. You should now have enough trunk pieces to create FIVE trees.

Stampin' Up! Supplies:

  • Stamp Set: Teeny Tiny Wishes Stamp Set (W 115370, C 127802)
  • Card Stock: Garden Green (102584), Chocolate Chip (102128), Real Red (102482), Pacific Point (111350), Whisper White (100730)
  • Ink: Real Red (126949), Garden Green (126973)
  • Ribbon: 1/4" Stitched Grosgrain: Real Red(126875), Wild Wasabi, (126873), Pacific Point (126878) Daffodil Delight (126872); Baker's Twine: Cherry Cobbler (123125), Island Indigo (125575)
  • Tools: Bone Folder (102300), Stampin' Trimmer (126889), Simply Scored (122334), Simply Scored Place Markers (125625), Word Window Punch (119857)
  • Adhesive: Tombow Multipurpose liquid Glue (110755), Sticky Strip (104294)
  • Packaging: Clear Envelopes (102619)
  • Other Supplies: Hershey’s Kisses, Hershey's Nuggets

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    1. Thank you for the update... I made these last year for the family and friends and everyone were just thrilled with them. I heard that one person wouldn't let anyone touch the kisses or the tree would collapse! I'm sure they are still in place even this year! haha...

    2. You are so AWESOME to share these terrific detailed tutorials with everyone for free! I sure hope all that take advantage of your generosity are kind enough by making a purchase from you to show their appreciation!

    3. Amazing tutorial! Thanks, so much, for sharing it and your time saving tips!

    4. I made a bunch of these as gifts last year and they were adored by all the recipients. I love every hershey kiss craft you have shared. Thanks so much.

    5. You haven't posted lately and I have missed your great projects! Glad to see the update - the trees are adorable! Thank you for sharing! Renee

    6. I love this project. My mother and I make things for the Seniors at the Assisted Living Place that my daughter works for and I think these would be a great project to make for them. Thanks

    7. Best tutorial ever! So easy to follow and the time saver tips were great!! Thanks so much for sharing!!!!

    8. In this version my tree isn't symmetrical. The first part of the outside frame is 3", then 3 1/8" and 3 1/8".Not sure if this was intentional as the original version had all three parts of the outside frame the same size.

      1. Yes, this was intentional. I needed to bring the measurements in as much as possible without making it a pain to slide in the kisses. If you make sure that the 3" side faces down, your tree will be symmetrical. :)

    9. I think I got it now. Thanks

      1. Great! I also added notes to Steps 17 & 18 for clarity. :)

    10. This is whizzing round the world on Facebook. They are lovely and on my to do list for Christmas stocking fillers!

    11. I just got done making my first tree and it is so adorable. Thank you so much for your great instructions. Will be making more of these for small gifts. Really appreciate you sharing this!

    12. Thanks so much for sharing those cute trees. I've just finished to made 4 of them :) Lovely

    13. I'm going to try adding a couple of mm to each long side of the tree pieces and folding them into flaps so I can glue acetate to the front and green card to the back to hold all the chocs in place
      thanks for a great project!

      1. If you make the trees with my latest tutorial, they should not fall out. Here is my most recent version of the tree:

    14. Génial, merci pour ce tuto bien détaillé !!!

    15. This was a really creative DIY Christmas project. I had to do some slight adjustments in terms of the bow, materials, and remeasuring the trunk for my slightly bigger candies, but all the measurements and steps made complete sense. I really appreciate the idea and how detailed this guide is. I told and showed my friends, and even a woman at the cash register (when I was buying the rectangular candies) about the idea and they absolutely loved it too.

    16. I just found your tutorial. Thanks so much. They are very cute. Can't wait to make my own.

    17. Thanks so much for posting the instructions!

    18. What a wonderful idea and even more wonderful of you to share the "how"!!! Thank you :>)

    19. I had to work on Christmas Eve (I'm a nurse), and I handed out these Christmas trees to my patients and co-workers. Everyone LOVED them! Thanks for making our day a little brighter!
      Sharon :)

      1. Sharon, your comment put a BIG smile on my face. You are so sweet to brighten everyone's Christmas Eve like that. What a wonderful person you are. :)

    20. Thank you for the wonderfully detailed instructions. I made over a hundred of these for my craft shows last fall and they sold like mad. I made two changes which I'd like to share: 1) I happily discovered that if I used certain double sided papers, which are generally a lot heavier (but a little more expensive), for the outer shape, I didn't always have to double the paper which eliminated some of the paper called for, a scoring and gluing step, and also gave me a nice print for the outside. 2) I used a holiday wrapped Rolo candy for the base. When lightly taped to the base of the tree with the narrow end on top, it looks like a Christmas tree stand. It eliminates one additional paper step, cuts the number of your base candies in half, and adds a little extra color at the bottom. A packaging tip: Slide a 3x5 recipe card behind the assembled tree before you try to put it into your bag. This will keep it level and should some of the candies be a little loose, they will not fall out. Slide out the card, and close up the bag. Much less frustrating than trying to hold the bag open and put the tree inside while supporting the bottom. I also use the tightest-fitting bags that I can find so the bag helps hold the kisses in place.

      1. How much did you sell them for? This would be a good way to raise funds for an animal rescue I support. Thank you for the tips!

      2. The Hershey's Christmas Trees sell well at craft fairs. I would sell them for at least $3, maybe more depending on your market. You could do something like $4 each or 3 for $10, but again it really depends on your market. Good Luck!

    21. Cannot say enough about these trees! I went on to make all the varieties and hacked out a few patterns of my own.
      Anyway, when getting the supplies for these I picked up loads Kisses--love all the colors they have out. I was so into getting all the colors that I forgot the nuggets. But then I remembered the bag of Rolos I bought (to keep me from eating all of the Kisses). Like mentioned above the were adorable. And if that wasn't enough--it also kept me from eating a bag of Rolos. The Rolos were wrapped in holiday colors too! Anyway, thank you. When I perfect my hacks--I'll send you pictures.

    22. This is a really fabulous idea, thank you so much!

    23. Im confused by theTime Saver Step 20, you're scoring AND cutting on the 10 inch side?

      1. The step is correct as written. You score and cut on the 10" side. Because the card stock is doubled over for strength you will score it and then cut. The cuts will alternate with the score lines. Please let me know if I can clarify this for your further. :)

    24. Could you glue the kisses, so they won't fall out? Thank you, Ann

      1. Hi Ann, with this updated version of my tutorial, the Hershey's kisses should stay put with out glue. The combination of the foil and the filler strips creates enough tension for them to stay in place, that is until someone deliberately pokes the kiss out to eat it. :)

    25. Hello Brenda: I'm coming from Susan Itell's blog where she made a Tree of Kisses that she learned from you. She gave us the link to your blog and here I am to say WOW!! What a delightful and sweet and beautiful project for the Holidays!!! Your directions are amazing, very detailed so I'm definitely will make several of this super cute little Trees to give as gifts, they are simply fabulous.
      Thank you for taking the time to take the pictures and write the directions to make this cuties, I'm a visual person so this is a huge help.
      Have a wonderful weekend. :)

    26. I've also hopped over from Susan Itell's blog and add my thanks for a fabulous project! You are so generous to share and the pictures and directions are amazing! Thank you thank you many times over! Happy Holidays!

    27. Hi Brenda, so happy I found this again. I'll be making these for my Christmas in July class. The girls will love them! You are so very sweet to share your ideas with us. There are some people who don't want to share, for fear their ideas will be stolen. Isn't that what crafting is all about? Copy and share everything! A grateful thank you from a fellow Demo. I Enjoy all your tutorials! God Bless!

    28. Tried this project last night. Very easy to understand the instructions and project turned out just as expected. Thank you for giving great directions.

      1. Thanks!! It always makes me happy when someone can follow my instructions, make the project and have it turn out well. :)

    29. Thanks so much for your wonderful instructions. So nice of you to take the time. I can tell you really enjoy doing this type of thing. You must love the challenge. Thanks much again.

    30. Hello Brenda. What a wonderful project. Last Saturday, eight of us had a Christmas crafting day. Yes, we're getting in early for December! Our second project of the day was one of your trees. I thoroughly enjoyed making it and am sure to be making more for Christmas gifts.

      1. Thanks for your kind comment. I'm so glad you enjoyed making the trees. :)

    31. Thank you for sharing this tutorial. It is October, but I am already getting started on Christmas crafting. These little trees are wonderful!

    32. what did you use for a backing to keep them from falling out?

      1. I have an updated version of this Christmas Tree, where the spaces are a lot tighter and the kisses stay in without a backing. Here is the link to the newer tutorial: