Monday, June 27, 2016

Layering Circle Dress Note Cards

These cute dress note cards are made using the Layering Circle Framelits. They would make great thank you notes for birthdays or bridal showers. In my video tutorial above, I'll show you how to make a template so that you make the dresses quickly. AND stay tuned for later in the week when I'll show you two more projects using this same little dress. All the supplies you'll need for this project are available for purchase HERE!

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Layering Circle Dress Template

  1. Make a starting pencil mark on the indent in between two scallops. Count over 8 scallops, 5, scallops, 7 scallops, 5 scallops and 8 scallops making a mark at each stop. The number of scallops in between the end mark and the starting mark is 13.
  2. Draw a line across the circle connecting the two marks below the 5-scallop count. Make a mark 1" in on both sides of this line. The middle section of the line should be approximately 3/4".
  3. Draw pencil lines connecting the marks as shown. Cut along these lines to make dress template.
  4. Draw a small v on the center scallop at the top of the dress. Cut out the v.

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  1. Love, Love, Love....Brilliant!

  2. What size in inches is that circle..I don't have the same cutters so I wanted to know the inches..great idea..I will be using this a lot..thanks

    1. Hi Debbie, the scallop circle that I used was 3" in diameter. You can really use any size scallop circle. We used to make this type of dress with a larger circle too. You just have to experiment and find the right formula for your scallop circle. Take care, Brenda