Monday, January 21, 2013

Hershey’s Shamrock Tutorial

When I first heard that some of you wanted me to design a Hershey’s shamrock, I thought you were kidding. I have always loved creating things for ALL holidays, but I thought I was one of the only ones that liked creating for St. Patrick’s Day. Well now that I know that you were serious in your requests, I have designed a Hershey’s shamrock just for all of YOU who asked.

I was told that shamrocks are traditionally 3-leaf clovers, so I have stuck with that concept. However, I know what the next request will be: Can you design a 4-leaf clover too? No worries! I’ve got you covered. Just scroll down to Step 15 and I will show you how to make a 4-leaf clover too!!

All the supplies you'll need for this project are available for purchase HERE!

Hershey’s Shamrock Step-by-Step Tutorial
(a VIDEO TUTORIAL is available HERE)

Step One

1. Cut a piece of 9-½” x 1” Lucky Limeade card stock. At the 1-½” and 8” marks cut a thin slot halfway up the card stock. On the 4- ¾” mark cut a slightly bigger slot halfway down the card stock. Tip: Draw your slots with a pencil first.

Step Two

2. Use your bone folder to curl the card stock slightly on both sides from the middle slot to the side slots on either side.

Step Three

3. Bend one side of the card stock around so that it fits into the middle slot.

Step Four

4. Now bend the other side around so that it also fits into the middle slot. Set aside.

Step Five

5. Next cut a piece of 6- ¼” x 1” Lucky Limeade card stock. At the 1-½” and 4- ¾” cut two thin slots halfway up the card stock. Tip: Draw your slots with a pencil first.

Step Six

6. Use your bone folder to curl the card stock from slot to slot.

Step Seven

7. Make a loop with the strip, making sure that the slots line up. Insert the loop between the loops on the first piece.

Step Eight

8. Adhere the stem pieces together. There will be three places for you to put adhesive to make sure the stem pieces stay together.

Step Nine

9. Cut a piece of 4” x 3” Certainly Celery card stock. On the 4” side, score at the 1”, 2” and 3” marks.

Step Ten

10. On the 3” side, cut into one inch strips.

Step Eleven

11. Fold all three strips into triangles as shown.

Step Twelve

12. Insert one triangle into each of the three loops.

Step Thirteen

13. Pop a Hershey’s kiss into each space.

Step Fourteen

14. Decorate the rest of the shamrock as desired. I added a 10” length of Lucky Limeade baker’s twine and embossed “Happy St. Patrick’s Day” in white on the stem piece.

Step Fifteen: 4-leaf Clover

15. To make a four leaf clover, Cut TWO pieces of 9-½” x 1” Gumball Green card stock. At the 1-½” and 8” marks cut a thin slot halfway up the card stock. On the 4- ¾” mark cut a slightly bigger slot halfway down the card stock. Tip: Draw your slots with a pencil first.

Step Sixteen

16. Use your bone folder to curl the card stock slightly on both sides from the middle slot to the side slots on either side. Line up both pieces together, so that the slots face the same way.

Step Seventeen

17. Bend one end around and fit it into the middle slot.

Step Eighteen

18. Take another end and bend it into the middle slot.

Step Nineteen

19. Then take one of the remaining outside ends and bend it around and fit it into the middle slot.

Step Twenty

20. Bend the remaining end and fit it into the middle slot. Also, adhere the stem pieces together (for a photo see step eight).

Step Twenty-one

21. For the insert pieces, start with a 4” x 4” piece of Certainly Celery Card Stock. On one of the sides, score at 1”, 2” and 3”.

Step Twenty-two

22. On the other side, cut into one-inch strips.

Step Twenty-three

23. Fold the four strips into triangles as shown in step eleven. Insert the triangles into the loops.

Step Twenty-four

24. Pop in four Hershey’s kisses into the spaces and finish off with a 10” length of Baker’s Twine.

Stampin’ Up! Supplies
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Shamrock Color Suggestions*
  • Traditional Green Combo: Garden Green with Wild Wasabi
  • Yellow Green Combo: Old Olive with Pear Pizzazz
  • Blue Green Combo: Emerald Envy with Mint Macaron
*The colors that I originally used for this tutorial retired. The above color combinations would make great alternatives.

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    Peace, Love & Joy,

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    I love your projects and how easy you make it with your tutorials.
    I did the Hershey Shamrocks for my co-workers and they just loved them.
    And I also did the Heart for Valentines Day.
    So thank you so much for sharing your work.

    Ilona :-)

    P.S. how can I send you pictures of it?

    I am now on SCS ( I.M.creations )

  41. Hi Brenda,
    I just had to have something Irish for St Pat's Day and I thank you so much for sharing your shamrock tutorial. You are awesome! Missed you at Leadership. Will you be going to convention? Hugs, patti

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  43. Love this Hersheys shamrock! Thank you so much for your clear step-by-step instructions. I just have one question -- how do you keep the Hershey's kisses from falling out?

    1. Hi Mary, Thanks for your comment. The kisses stay in there without adhesive. The tension caused between the filler strips and the foil wrapper of the kiss keeps the kisses in the holder. Try it out and see for yourself. :)

  44. Hi Branda,
    How many shamrocks can I make with one sheet of card stock?

    1. Hi Amy, If you budget about a half sheet of card stock per shamrock, you will have more than enough. You can get better mileage out of your card stock if you plan how you are cutting.