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Hershey's Kisses Valentine's Heart Tutorial

PLEASE NOTE: There is an updated version of this tutorial HERE.

By popular request, I was asked if I could make my Hershey’s Christmas Tree into a heart. I played around with the shape a bit and here is what I came up with. Thanks to R.V. for supplying me with kisses to play with. I had completely depleted my supply. Make sure you have 12” x 12” card stock on hand if you would like to make this heart. I needed the extra inch to make the design work. If you would like to make my Hershey’s Kisses Hearts, just follow my step-by-step tutorial below.

Hershey Kisses Valentine's Heart Tutorial

Step One
1. Start with a 12” x 2” piece of card stock. On the long side, score at 3/8”, 1-5/8”, 6”, 10-3/8” and 11-5/8”.

Step Two
2. On the short side, score at 1”.

Step Three
3. Squeeze some multipurpose liquid glue lengthwise along the strip.

Step Four
4. Fold the strip in half lengthwise and use your bone folder to burnish the strip.

Step Five
5. To create the interlocking slots, on the 1-5/8” mark, cut along either side of the score mark halfway down. On the 10-3/8” mark, cut along either side of the score mark halfway up. The slots you cut should be about 1/16” wide. Nip off the strips with your scissors.

Step Six
6. Draw a pencil line at the 5” and 7” marks.

Step Seven
7. Place sticky strip on the end tabs.

Step Eight
8. Fold the strip at the 6” score mark.

Step Nine
9. Use your bone folder to slightly curl the strip starting from just above the pencil line to the slot on both sides.

Step Ten
10. This is how your strip will look after you have curled both sides.

Step Eleven
11. Bend both end tabs back.

Step Twelve
12. Remove the sticky strip liners. Bend the right side of the heart towards the left side, adhering the tab to the left side. The score line next to the tab should line up with the pencil mark.

Step Thirteen
13. Now bend the left side over, making sure to interlock the slots.

Step Fourteen
14. Adhere the left tab to the right side making sure that the score mark lines up with the pencil mark.

Step Fifteen
15. For the insert pieces, start with a 5” x 3” piece of card stock. On the 5” side, score at 1”, 2”, 3” and 4”.

Step Sixteen
16. On the 3” side cut into one inch strips.

Step Seventeen
17. Bend all three strips into a double triangle as shown.

Step Eighteen
18. Place the three strips into the heart in the open spaces.

Step Nineteen
19. Pop six Hershey’s kisses into the frame.

Step Twenty
20. Decorate the rest of the heart as desired. I used ¼” Basic Gray strips, the Small Heart Punch (117193) and the tree from the Merry Minis Punch Pack (126882) to create my faux arrow.

Time Saver Step One
Time Saver Step 1. Begin with a 12” x 12” piece of card stock. On one side, score at 3/8”, 1-5/8”, 6”, 10-3/8” and 11-5/8”.

Time Saver Step Two
Time Saver Step 2. On the other side, score at 1”, 3”, 5”, 7”, 9” and 11”. Also on this side, cut the card stock into 2” strips. You should now have enough outer frame pieces to create SIX hearts.

Time Saver Step Fifteen-Sixteen
Time Saver Step 15.-16. Begin with a 8” x 5” piece of card stock. On the 5” side, score at 1”, 2”, 3” and 4”. On the 8” side cut the card stock into one-inch strips. This will give you EIGHT insert strips. You need THREE strips for each heart. You could also do this time saver step with a 12” x 5” piece or a 11” x 5” piece. Just score on the 5” side and cut into one-inch strips on the other side.

Stampin’ Up Supplies:

  • Stamp Set: Teeny Tiny Wishes (W 115370, C 127802)
  • Ink: Real Red (126949)
  • Card Stock: 12” x 12” Real Red, 12” x 12” (124290), Pretty in Pink, 12” x 12” (124288), 12” x 12” Primrose Petals (from In-Color Pack 126836), Basic Gray (121044), Whisper White (100730)
  • Ribbon: Baker's Twine: Cherry Cobbler (123125)
  • Tools: Bone Folder (102300), Stampin' Trimmer (126889), Simply Scored (122334), Small Heart Punch (117193), Merry Minis Punch Pack (126882), Word Window Punch (119857)
  • Adhesive: Tombow Multipurpose liquid Glue (110755), Sticky Strip (104294)
  • Other Supplies: Hershey’s Kisses  

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    1. Wow - tolles Werk!

      Danke für die Anleitung!

      Alles Liebe, katrin

    2. What a wonderful idea, thanks for sharing it with us.
      greetings from Nora

    3. This is fabulous Brenda - what a wonderful idea. Thanks for sharing the great tutorial.

    4. You are the best! I loved the Christmas tree and this one is just great too. Can't wait to try this out! Happy New year to you!

    5. I think my club ladies will love this!! I was searching for something unique and this is it!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

    6. I made a dozen trees for my daughters co-workers. Everyone loved them. I'm sure the Valentines will be a big hit too. Thank you for sharing. Linda

    7. super cute

    8. omigosh, really do rock! Can't believe you came up with this great project AND a photo tutorial! Thanks from your SCS demo buddies for sharing! Now I need to check out the Christmas tree tutorial...for next year! maybe if I start now???? ;-)

    9. I just love your creations! I think my honey will just love this as he loves 'kisses' (chocolate as well! haha). Tks for sharing this very lovely craft!

    10. Brenda, you are so talented and creative, what a blessing God bestowed on you and HE blesses you even more when you share this talent with all of us! These are just as cute as your Christmas trees are....THANKS!!

    11. Thank you for figuring out the math (Hey, I was an English major...) and for the very clear and easy to follow tutorial. I made the Christmas trees for my family, from teen granddaughter to "senior" grandpa and everyone loved them--even my burly, OTR truck driver son-in-law.

      I will definitely do an encore for Valentine's Day.


    12. Brenda!!!! Thank You so MUCH!!! for a companion to the Tree!!! You are AWESOME!!!! Thank You for Sharing....


    13. I love the hearts. I made the Christmas trees for co-workers in their favorite colors and they were a big hit. Can't wait to make the hearts for those in my class this Valentine's Day. Thank you for sharing your wonderful talent.

    14. You have just become a goddess in my book. The Christmas trees were a huge hit & I was so wishing for something similar for other occasions, so Thank You very much!

    15. You are AWESOME! I just knew you would come up with something to do with the extra kisses left over from the Christmas Tree! I'll have you know, I made about 30 of those Trees this year. My mother-in-law loved the one I gave her and asked me to make some for her Sunday School group, so I did - 25 of them! LOL

      Thank you!

    16. This is amazing Brenda! I made one and altered it a bit with the lace instead of the arrow. I uploaded it to SCS and linked it to your tutorial for full credit for the project.

    17. Brillant, this is simply brilliant and I can not wait to make these for our local nursing home, they will love them.

    18. I love this. After making co-workers Christmas trees, I wondered how I was going to do a heart. I am so happy that you have done this for me. Will put this info to good use this Feb. Thanks for sharing.

    19. You are a wonder! THANK YOU !!!I really loved the Christmas trees and I really love these. Hersey should pay you a premium for these files because I am sure it increased their sales for christmas and I know I will be makeing these for Valentines

    20. You are just absolutely amazing! Thanks for sharing the tutorial. Can't wait to make them!

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    22. This is so AWESOME!
      I made some "Kiss"mas trees for my daughter's teachers, they are LOVED it!
      I can't wait to make some hearts for V-day!
      THANK YOU for creating & sharing this!

      Lauren Y.

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    28. Thanks for another wonderful tutorial and project. I made several of your trees for Christmas gifts for my grandchildren's preschool teachers, as well as a few for friends I was visiting during the holidays. I was asked to make some for a sweet little lady to give to her friends as well. These are perfect for those who live in nursing homes or can't afford to give an expensive gift and they are easy to make. I appreciate your willingness to share your creative talents!

    29. Brenda- you've outdone yourself AGAIN! Love this heart! Thanks for being so generous with your tutorial!

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      TFS your great talent!!

      Can't wait to make these


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    34. You are just So Clever and obviously, EVERYONE LOVES YOU! Heck, I'm the 37th commentator! LOL Fabulous to rise to the occasion of creating this design as per request also! Well done! Thanks so much for sharing too, I know we are all pleased and grateful! (My own Christmas trees a-la-your tutorial were they're own huge hit at Christmas too!). Thanks Brenda! Happy New Year! (Donna/pug avatar on SC)

    35. Thanks for this! I made lots of the trees and was thinking it would be nice to have some designs for other holidays - and here you go. Thanks so much! ~TanyaS

    36. You are awesome! I made a ton of trees and they were loved by all--can't wait to share this idea also!

    37. You always find away to make me smile. Thanks you make a huge fifferiece',

    38. this is beyond cute! thanks for sharing, can't wait to "wow" my non crafting friends at Valentines Day.

    39. Brenda, you are amazing. I thought the Hershey's Christmas tree was so cute and now this heart...I just love it. And, thank you for such a good tutorial....even I can make these.

    40. Hello!

      What a wonderful project and tutorial! I made the trees at Christmas for gifts and everyone just loved them! I am sure to make these for Valentines Day! Both fantastic projects and perfection in how they assembled. I did post my trees on my blog with a link to you. Thank you for sharing such fun! Wishing you a happy day!


      Barbara Diane

    41. I too love your tutorials! While making the trees, I was thinking stars... so using your inspiration, I made a star that holds 12 kisses. I would love to send you a pic, but don't know how to email you to send it to you. I will post on my blog, and you can check it out there?
      Thanks for the inspiration and keep it up!!!

    42. I loved your Christmas trees, but being here in Australia we didn't have anything small enough to put in there and I thought I should change your design around to fit some of our chocolates in there and then you come out with your heart (which I absolutely love) and a girlfriend rang and said we have hershey kisses here in Woolies (in Australia) so I went out and bought a pack so I can make these adorable hearts. Thank you so much Brenda

    43. You are a clever lady....this is such a novel way to give a Valentine gift. Thanks for sharing this wonderful tutorial and taking the time to create it. Glad I just read the last comment as I am in Australia and now will be looking for Kisses in Woolies. :-)

    44. Thank you so much for an easy to follow tutorial. I made several of these and they were a big hit. I just came to your blog last week through the MTC forum and have been reading through your past entries. You are amazing with the things you have made.
      Thank you

    45. I've been looking for wedding favor ideas and this is perfect! Thank you so much for sharing your talents with us. You are very generous.


    46. Hi Brenda,

      I'm visiting your site again and I think I may have left a message before, but I figure I cannot THANK YOU enough for the fabulous tutorial you have provided us! It's so easy to follow!!! I can hardly wait to give my Hershey's Hearts to my loved ones for Valentine's Day. May I have your permission to CASE this for my stamp camp? I would of course give you all the credit for the design & tutorial. When I post my version of your Hershey's heart on my blog I will gladly link back to this web page so new people can discover your creativity!!!

      Peace, Love & Joy,

    47. I JUST came across your blog and LOVE it. You have been so blessed with a VERY creative mind, and we're all blessed that you so lovingly share your ideas with us. Win/win!!

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