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Inch Box Advent Calendar Tutorial

I’m so happy to finally have this tutorial ready to share with you. I came up with the idea for this project two years ago. At the time, Stampin’ Up! didn’t have the petal card punch and the 25 & Counting advent calendar set to make this project feasible. So it sat in my notebook just waiting for the day when the stars would align and make it possible.

I named this calendar an “Inch Box Advent Calendar”, because that is the size of treat that will fit in each box. The easiest things to put inside are Hershey’s kisses, but other small wrapped candies will fit in the boxes as well. If you would like to give bigger gifts, you can always put a note in each box with a clue to the gift’s hiding spot.

The dimensions for the finished calendar (without topper and feet) are: 5-3/4" W x 5-3/4" H x 1-1/8" D. I have created both a step-by-step photo tutorial and a video tutorial for this project.

Step 1: Calendar Base
1. Start with a piece of 10-1/8” x 10-1/8” piece of card stock.
Score at 1-1/8”, 2-¼”, 3-3/8”, 4-½”, 5-5/8”, 6-¾”, 7-7/8” and 9”.

Step 2
2. Turn one quarter turn and score at 1-1/8”, 2-¼”, 3-3/8”, 4-½”, 5-5/8”, 6-¾”, 7-7/8” and 9”.

Step 3
3. Cut off the corner squares and the two adjacent squares. (you will be cutting off 3 squares from each corner. Also, cut along the 4 score lines as shown to create 4 inner tabs.

Step 4
4. On the outer strip, cut slots 1-1/8” inch down (to the first score line) on each of the four sides (4 slots per side). Make the slots about 1/16” wide by cutting down on either side of the score mark and then cutting away the little strip. This will ensure that there will be enough room for the dividers to fit properly.

Step 5
5. Fold ONLY the outer two score lines on each side. The middle score lines will NOT be folded.

Step 6
6. Put a piece of score tape on the outer five tabs of each side (20 total). Also place a piece of score tape on the square opposite the inner tabs (4 total).

Step 7
7. Remove the score tape liner on the four inner tabs. Pull the tabs over to the scor-tape to form a box. Bend back the remaining 20 outer tabs. Set aside.

Step 8*: Calendar Dividers (make 8)
8. Start with a piece of 2-¼” x 6-5/8” piece of card stock. On the 2-¼” side, score at 1-1/8”.

Step 9*
9. On the 6-5/8” side, score at ½”, 1-5/8”, 2-¾”, 3-7/8”, 5", 6-1/8”.

Step 10
10. On both 2-¼” ends, cut up along the score line 1/2" (to the first score line). Make the slots about 1/16” wide by cutting down on either side of the score mark and then cutting away the little strip.

Step 11
11. Fold the strip along the score line length-wise.

Step 12
12. Before proceeding, make sure you have all 8 strips made to this point. Split the strips into two groups of four.

Step 13: Horizontal strips (use 4 strips)
13. On the long side (with the strip still folded), cut the middle four score lines halfway up from the open side of the strip. Make the slots about 1/16” wide by cutting down on either side of the score mark and then cutting away the little strip. This creates slots that are large enough for the strips to form a grid without bending.

Step 14
14. Here are the four finished horizontal strips.

Step 15: Vertical strips (use the other 4 strips)
15. On the long side (with the strip still folded), cut the middle four score lines halfway down from the scored side of the strip.

Step 16
16. Here are the four finished vertical strips.

Step 17: Interlocking the strips
17. Take the eight strips and form an inter-locking grid pattern.

Step 18
18. Bend the outside tabs along the score lines.

Step 19: Assembly
19. Place the grid in the middle of the calendar base.

Step 20
20. Start removing the scor-tape liner from the tabs one at a time. Fold down each tab to adhere. This photo shows four of the top tabs folded down and adhered.

Step 21
21. Finish removing the scor-tape liner and folding down the tabs.

Step 22: Box Fronts
22. Punch a Petal Card Punch piece out of card stock. Please Note: The Petal Card Punch requires a lot of pressure, in order for the piece to be punched properly. I usually load my card stock into the punch, push down and rock back and forth from the lever end to the opposite end. This will ensure all parts of the piece get punched out and that all four score lines show up.

Step 23
23. Place scor-tape on one of the petals.

Step 24
24. Stamp your advent calendar image and punch out with the 1” square punch. Layer the image on the square part of the Petal Card piece with the scor-tape towards the bottom.

Step 25
25. Repeat steps 22 to 24 until you have 25 cupboard fronts created.

Step 26
26. Remove the sticky strip liner from the first cupboard front and adhere to the top left corner of your calendar grid. Please Note: Look at your grid before adhering your first cupboard front. Orient your box so that the rows with the grid cuts on the back are horizontal and the rows with the grid cuts to the front are vertical To close the cupboard just tuck the top and side tabs into the box opening.

Step 27
27. Add the rest of the drawer fronts to complete the calendar grid.

Step 28
28. Decorate the rest of the advent calendar as desired.

*Step 8 & 9 Shortcut: Cut two pieces of 9” x 6-5/8” card stock. On the 6-5/8” sides, score at ½”, 1-5/8”, 2-¾”, 3-7/8”, 5", 6-1/8”. Then on the 9” sides, cut into four 2-1/4” strips. Then score the 8 pieces on the 2-¼” side, score at 1-1/8”.
**The “Letters to Santa” designer series paper is also available as a digital download (item# 123140).

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Please Note: Since I posted this tutorial several of the products I have used to make the advent calendar are no longer available. The first three items on my supply list are only available as digital downloads. These images can be downloaded, colored digitally and printed out to be used in place of the stamped images. The petal card punch retired, but is currently on the clearance rack (nov 2014).

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