Monday, July 21, 2014

I'm moving to BOSTON!!!!

Apparently my clues were a little too good. BOSTON IT IS.

1) I’ve never been there before. The closest I've been to Boston is the White Mountains in New Hampshire.
2) Everyone who’s been there says I will love it. I'm impressed that so many people love this city.
3) It’s located somewhere in the US. I didn't want to throw you off and make you think I was moving back to Canada.
4) It’s colder than Memphis. After 12 years in Memphis, it's going to take a little adjustment to get used to the cold.
5) I hear this city has great seafood. I love New England Clam Chowder. It will be neat to eat it in New England.
6) Sports are a big part of this city. My favorite sport is stamping, so I know I'm going to need a little work on becoming a sports fan.
7) It’s steeped in history. This is probably the clue that gave it all away. "Steeped in history" might have made you think of a little historical event called the "Boston Tea Party". I will, however, not be throwing any tea into Boston Harbor, I will be contently sipping it every morning with my breakfast.

If any of you live in the Boston area, be sure to send me an email.
I will need some new local stamping buddies. :)


  1. It was the last clue that made me think it could be Boston. I hope you have a save move. We will be traveling to Boston in 2016!

  2. Boston is a great city! My husband was born and bred there. Plus, you'll be close to Cape Cod, which is fabulous in Sept and Oct when the crowds have gone. Good luck with your move.

  3. I have never been there either and never even been close - a West Coast gal, tried and true but want very much to visit Boston eventually! So excited for you...yes it will be a big weather change but the other advantages will hopefully overcome the weather! Best of luck in packing and the big move!

  4. You were missed at SU! Convention this year! You were kind enough to give me one of your 3D butterfly swaps last year… and I still have it on my desk! ...pretty sure the chocolate has disappeared though ; )

  5. Boston is awesome and you will love it there. So many great things to see and do in that area. I was born near Boston but moved south 11 years ago. I miss it terribly. Enjoy it there. There is a lot of fun places to visit and to eat!

  6. Welcome to New England, and especially to Boston! So much to see and do between fabulous restaurants (think Italian in the North End), seafood, museums, history (you have to walk the Freedom Trail) and of course our beloved sports teams. I live north of the city and head into Boston once a week to volunteer at a hospital in town. Good luck with your move and welcome!!