Thursday, June 19, 2014

Dropping Off the Face of The Earth (what happened to me)

It’s been an absolute crazy month here. We are officially moving and we put our house on the market last week. It’s been a month of painting, cleaning, downsizing and more downsizing, packing and major sleep deprivation. I’ve packed up my craft room and while I have access to my current supplies, I don’t have time to stamp right now. Instead, I’m micro-cleaning my house, in an attempt to impress potential buyers (of which there are too few right now).

I just wanted to thank everyone who has placed an online order or purchased one of my tutorials since I dropped off the face of the earth. I appreciate your orders more than ever. I will be stamping again, once we get settled in our new location later this summer. Please bear with me while I make the transition. Don’t forget to check my tutorials page for inspiration.

For now the location of our new city will remain a mystery. I will let you know when it's official. I just might be moving to a city near you. :)