Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Hershey's Cross Tutorial

With Easter just around the corner, I thought I would share with you one more Hershey's project for the season (see my other Hershey's Easter Tutorial HERE). This cross holds FIVE Hershey's Nuggets making it a sweet gift for Easter. I tied the cross with Whisper White Stitched grosgrain, as it's the color used for Easter Sunday. I'm dedicating this tutorial to Maria, who requested a cross at my last stamp class. Find out the supplies you'll need for this cross and where to get them HERE!

Hershey's Cross Tutorial

Step One

1. To make the vertical part of the cross, start out with a 9-¼” x 1” piece of Baked Brown Sugar card stock. On the long side, score at the ½”, 4-3/8”, 4-7/8” and 8-¾” marks.

Step Two

2. Fold the strip along the score lines.

Step Three

3. For the cross filler strip, start with a 5-1/8” x 1” strip of Baked Brown Sugar card stock. On the long side, score at the 1-3/8”, 1-7/8”, 3-¼” and 3-¾” marks.

Step Four

4. Fold the strip along the score lines and add Tombow to two of the segments as shown.

Step Five

5. Add the filler strip to the vertical part of the cross. Note: The glued segments line up with the score lines on either end.

Step Six

6. Pop a Hershey's Nugget into the center space. This will help stabilize the strip when you are adhering it together.

Step Seven

7. Put Tombow on the segment next to the nugget.

Step Eight

8. Adhere the segment to the strip aligning the ends so that they are even.

Step Nine

9. Put Tombow on one of the end segments.

Step Ten

10. Adhere the ends together.

Step Eleven

11. To create TWO filler strips, start with a 3-½” x 2” strip of Baked Brown Sugar card stock. On the 3-1/2" side score at the ½”, 1-7/8” and 2-3/8” marks.

Step Twelve

12. On the 2" side, cut into TWO 1" strips.

Step Thirteen

13. Fold both strips along the score lines.

Step Fourteen

14. Place the filler strips in the vertical cross piece.

Step Fifteen

15. Put TWO Hershey's Nuggets in the remaining spaces. Note: Take a look at your vertical piece and find the end that looks the flattest and position that end toward the bottom. My second cross needed to be stabilized with a Scallop Circle piece in order for it to stand on its end. My first cross had a flatter bottom and was able to stand on its own.

Step Sixteen

16. For the Horizontal Cross pieces, start with a 6-3/8" x 2" piece of Baked Brown Sugar card stock. On the 6-3/8" side, score at the 1", 2-1/4", 2-3/4" and 4-1/8" marks.

Step Seventeen

17. On the 2" side, cut into TWO 1" strips.

Step Eighteen

18. Fold along the score lines as shown.

Step Nineteen

19. Here are all the pieces before they are adhered together.

Step Twenty

20. Put Tombow on one of the side pieces as shown. Adhere to the vertical piece. Make sure that you hold down the pieces to get good adhesion all along the two segments.

Step Twenty-One

21. Put Tombow on the other side piece as shown. Adhere to the vertical piece, making sure that the horizontal piece is even with the one that was attached on the other side.

Step Twenty-Two

22. This is what the cross looks like when both sides are adhered.

Step Twenty-Three

23. Pop in two Hershey's nuggets into the horizontal spaces.

Step Twenty-Four

24. Tie the center of the cross with a 16" length of grosgrain ribbon.

Step Twenty-Five

25. Stamp "Happy Easter" from the Teeny Tiny Wishes Stamp Set in Baked Brown Sugar Ink on Whisper White Card Stock. Punch the greeting out with the small oval punch. Note: I cut the Happy Easter stamp in half so that I could stamp the words on top of each other instead of side by side.

Step Twenty-Six

26. Add the oval tag to the cross with a mini glue dot. Happy Easter!

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  1. This is just beautiful and just in time for Easter, too!!! Thank you for sharing all of your talent with us. I am very grateful.
    Patricia Gessner

  2. Fabulous Brenda...thank you for the wonderful tutorial!

    1. Thanks Carol!! Your comments always make me happy. :)

  3. Can I ask how you tied the center? It looks from one of the pics that it's wrapped around before the bow.

  4. Hi Karen, You are correct. I started wrapping the ribbon on the diagonal across the front, crossed over in the back and looped diagonally towards the front again. This gives the cross more stability for that center joint and it also looks good. :)

  5. These will be perfect for my Sunday School class for Easter! Thank you SO much for the directions!