Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Explosion Box Purse Tutorial Updated

Three years ago I wrote my first Explosion Box Purse tutorial. Back then we didn't have all the cool tools that we have now that make this purse EASIER to make, so it's time for an update. This purse is quite large measuring 4" x 4" at its base (made out of a sheet of 12" x 12" card stock). When my friend made these purses with silver glimmer paper recently, I just knew I had to make a "blinged" up version like hers. Thanks R.V. for inspiring me and making me get sparkly. Find out the supplies you'll need to make this "glimmery" purse and where to get them HERE!

Explosion Box Purse Tutorial

Step One

1. Start with a piece of 12” x 12” piece of card stock. On one of the 12” sides, score at the 4” and 8” marks.

Step Two

2. Turn the card stock ¼ turn, and score at the 4” and 8” marks again.

Step Three

3. Use your scoring stylus or a pencil to make a mark at the 6” mark. Turn your card stock to the opposite side and make a stylus or pencil mark at the 6” mark on this side too. See yellow dots.

Step Four

4. Get out your diagonal plate out and darken the center-most diagonal groove with a black Sharpie. We will use the darkened groove to line up and score some points in the next step.

Step Five

5. Place your diagonal plate on a flat, solid surface (NOT the Simply Scored Scoring Board). LINE UP the pencil mark (see yellow dot) from step 3 and one of the corners on the opposite side (see red dot) on the Sharpie-darkened score groove. Score from the pencil mark (yellow dot) just until you reach the first score intersection.

Step Six

6. Repeat step 5 with the remaining corners. You will be making a total or FOUR score marks in steps 5 and 6.

Step Seven

7. Place the diagonal plate on the Simply Scored scoring tool. Score each of the corner squares diagonally from the corner (zero) to the nearest intersection of the score lines.

Step Eight

8. This is what your card stock should look like when you’re done this step.

Step Nine

9. Cut all FOUR corners squares in half on the diagonal. Use the score lines as a guide as to where to line up your cutter.

Step Ten

10. This is what your piece will look like when all FOUR corners are cut off.

Step Eleven

11. Fold your piece along all the score lines.

Step Twelve

12. For the topper, cut a 5-½” x 4” piece of Silver Glimmer Paper. On the 5-½” side, score at the 2-¾” mark.

Step Thirteen

13. Use the largest framelit from the Labels Collection Framelits to cut your silver glimmer piece. Line up the score line with the points on the die. This is easier to do if you use your Magnetic Platform.

Step Fourteen

14. This is what your silver glimmer piece will look like once it’s cut.

Step Fifteen

15. Punch two holes a half inch in from each side next to the score line.

Step Sixteen

16. Add two pieces of sticky strip below the holes.

Step Seventeen

17. Remove the sticky strip liner and feed the ends of a 9” length of Chevron Ribbon through the holes and secure them on the sticky strip.

Step Eighteen

18. Add several strips of sticky strip to the back of the topper. Also, add a Velcro dot to the other side of the topper (leave the liner on one side of the Velcro dot).

Step Nineteen

19. Using a hot glue gun, adhere a large Vintage Faceted Button to the front of the purse. Note: Hardly anything sticks to glimmer paper other than hot glue.

Step Twenty

20. Place a large Rhinestone Brad in the middle.

Step Twenty-One

21. Remove the sticky strip liner on the purse topper. Adhere to one of the flat sides of the purse base.

Step Twenty-Two

22. Remove the liner from the Velcro dot and close the purse (tucking in all the folds). Then try opening the purse again and pry the Velcro apart carefully. Burnish the Velcro dots with your fingers, so they stick to the card stock better.

Step Twenty-Three

23. To finish the purse off, I cut a monogram from the Typeset Alphabet Bigz Die and blinged it up with some Rhinestone Jewels.

Stampin’ Up! Supplies
click on the product for price and details

  • Card Stock/Paper: Brights 12" X 12" Cardstock, Silver Glimmer Paper
  • Tools: Simply Scored, Simply Scored Diagonal Plate, Big Shot, Magnetic Platform, Labels Collection Framelits Dies, Typeset Alphabet Bigz Die, Stampin' Trimmer
  • Embellishments: Smoky Slate 3/4" Chevron Ribbon, Vintage Faceted Designer Buttons, Large Rhinestone Basic Jewels, Basic Rhinestones Jewel Accents
  • Adhesive: Sticky Strip

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