Thursday, January 30, 2014

Thursday Tip: Organizing 8-1/2" x 11" Card Stock

Thursday Tips, where I share ideas to make stamping easier

Is your Card Stock clutter taking over your crafting area? Are you at a loss as to how to organize it? To keep my card stock stored and organized, I use several systems. You don't need fancy organization with my method, but you will need some supplies (some you probably already have on hand).

I use a hanging file folder box that I got from an office store. Mine is large and measures 15" x 21", but you can choose the size that fits your needs. I keep this box right under my stamp desk.

I store my card stock from lightest to darkest rather than by Stampin' Up! color families.

This is what a label on my hanging file folder look like up close. I cut a piece of the actual card stock for the holder. I write the name of the card stock color in white gel pen (for dark colors) and black Sharpie (for light colors).

I put each card stock color in an extra-large page protector. I write the name of the color at the top with a Sharpie. The page protector gives my card stock a little added protection. I put a sticker on my card stock if I have an extra pack of card stock in my closet. It's a way for me to keep track of my inventory, without having to expose all my card stock to light.

Once my card stock gets cut up into smaller pieces. I put the larger ones in a little basket right beside my stamp desk. In the same color order as my file folder system.

For my even smaller pieces, I use gallon zip bags to house my scraps in the following groups: Blacks/Browns, Yellows/Oranges, Reds, Blues, Greens and Purples. I keep these zip bags right beside my cutting station. I don't keep scraps smaller than 1". My white and vanilla scraps get used so often that I keep a basket for them beside my stamp desk.

I only use Stampin' Up Card Stock for my designs, because of its quality and 80 lb weight. If you haven't given Stampin' Up! Card Stock a try, check it out. I think you'll be pleased with not only the quality, but the price.

Stampin’ Up! Supplies
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  • Card Stock
  • White Gel Pen (for labeling)

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    1. You couldn't have posted this at a better time - I was just thinking about re-vamping my system. Where did you get the "extra large page protectors"? Like an office supply store? Or a crafting store?

      1. Hi Janet, Thanks for your comment. I use Avery Multi-Page Capacity Sheet Protectors. They are acid-free. You can get them at an office store or online. Good Luck with your re-vamping project. :)

    2. What a good idea to cut a piece of the cardstock to use for the label. There can be such a fine difference in colors that my memory can be muddled! I also like the idea of keeping the white scraps at hand. I use them for the insides of colored cards and am forever digging them out. Great ideas here -- thank you.