Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Hershey's Heart Tutorial UPDATED

The Hershey’s Heart was the second Hershey's tutorial that I designed. At the time I was still learning how to make them and I wanted to come back with an improved version. Three changes that you will note are: you can use 8-½” x 11” card stock, the card stock is no longer doubled over and the kisses fit tighter. I recommend using Stampin' Up Card Stock (for stability) and Tombow Multipurpose Liquid Glue (for longevity) for my Hershey's tutorials (supplies available for purchase below).

I hope you like my updated tutorial and that you will be able to use it to spread some love this Valentine's Day!

Hershey's Heart Tutorial Revised

Step One

1. Start with a 11” x 1” piece of card stock. On the 11” side, score at the ¼”, 5-½” and 10-¾” marks

Step Two

2. Draw a pencil line at the 1-3/8”, 4-½”, 6-½” and 9-5/8” marks.

Step Three

3. At the 1-3/8” and 9-5/8” marks, cut slots half the width of the strip, by cutting on either side of the pencil mark and then nipping of the little strip that remains. Note: The slots should be approximately 1/16" wide. One slot goes up and the other slot goes down.

Step Four

4. Fold the strip along the THREE score lines as shown.

Step Five

5. Use your bone folder to slightly curl the strip.

Step Six

6. This is what the strip looks like when it has been curled.

Step Seven

7. Put some Tombow Multipurpose Liquid Glue on the left tab end.

Step Eight

8. Bend the left side of the heart towards the right side, adhering the tab to the right side. The score line should line up with the pencil mark.

Step Nine

9. Put adhesive on the other tab end.

Step 10.

10. Bend the left side of the heart towards the right side, making sure to interlock the slots. Adhere the tab to the right side. The score line should line up with the pencil mark.

Step Eleven

11. For the insert pieces, start with a 5” x 3” piece of card stock. On the 5” side, score at the 1”, 2”, 3” and 4” marks.

Step Twelve

12. On the 3” side cut into 1” strips.

Step Thirteen

13. Fold ALL THREE strips as shown.

Step Fourteen

14. Place the three strips into the heart in the open spaces.

Step Fifteen

15. Place six Hershey’s kisses in the spaces.

Step Sixteen

16. To finish the heart I stamped “Be Mine” in Strawberry Slush ink and punched with the7/8” scallop punch. Also, cut two arrows from the Label Card Thinlits. Fold the arrows in half and tuck into the heart on both sides.

Stampin’ Up! Supplies
click on the product for price and details

  • Stamp Sets: A Round Array (Wood, Cling)
  • Card Stock: Strawberry Slush, Coastal Cabana, Whisper White
  • Ink: Strawberry Slush, Coastal Cabana
  • Tools: Simply Scored, 7/8" Scallop Circle Punch, Big Shot, Label Card Thinlits Die
  • Adhesive: Tombow Multipurpose Liquid Glue


    1. Thank you so much. I had tried to make them before and couldn't so now I can!!!! You're talents have no end.

    2. Thanks, I made lots last year and can't wait to try your updated version this year!

    3. I have made the, but I can not get the ends to stick.. They are ALL together and I just went to look at them a few days later and the ends popped right off the other end of heart.. How else can I keep them together?? They are so cute. I have to make 4 more but want them to stay together.. They are cute thou...

      1. Hi Colleen, Sorry that you are having problems with the ends not sticking together. I just checked mine and they are still together. Are you using Tombow Multipurpose Liquid Glue? Tombow is my glue of choice when putting together Hershey's favors. It's really sticky and causes the fibers of the card stock to bind together. Also, make sure you hold the glued spots together for a few seconds after applying the glue. Then allow it to dry for a bit before putting in the insert pieces. If that still doesn't work, you could go back to my original tutorial which is looser and doesn't have as much stress on the joints. If you have any more questions, just let me know.

      2. Hi Brenda!! You have the touch my girl... I used The Tombow Mulitpurpose Liquid Glue. I help them together and I paper clipped them for a little while.. No luck... I am afraid if I go looser then my candy will fall out.. I will bring it to my card class Fri. She has made the trees and the Graduation cap with us and I have then made them myself... I love the idea. I know it is just something simple... It is funny I just looked at them again and 2 are good but three came undone... CRAZY.. I give you ALL the credit in the world to sit and do ALL the different design's.. GREAT job.. O:)

      3. Hi Colleen, Thanks for reporting back. I need to know these things. I want to make sure that my tutorials work for the majority of people and if they are not working, I want to fix them. I'll wait to see if I hear back from others with problems before I think of revising this tutorial further. :)

      4. Hi Brenda!! Well I let them sit over night. It seems to have worked with the Tombow glue and the paper clip.. I think it really is just me.. No need to in revising.. Thank you so much for ALL the help.. GREAT work keep it up... Love everything you do. You do a lot of work showing step by step.. It is GREAT for all of us trying to make them.. O:)

      5. Hi Colleen, I'm glad that did the trick. My tabs are a little shorter on this Hershey's favor so that I could use 8-1/2" x 11" card stock instead of 12" x 12" cardstock. I usually do 3/8" tabs and for the revised tutorial I did 1/4" tabs and for that reason the gluing probably needs to be more precise. Thanks so much for all your comments and feedback. I do take feedback into account when creating future tutorials. Thanks! :)

    4. Thank you for being so generous with your tutorials. I am bringing the supplies to make these while I wait for son to finish his ballroom lessons, I'm hoping I can do this!

      1. I made over 20 of these today. Couple things I discovered...sookwang tape aka scor-tape works wonderfully to hold them together. I know it isn't a Stampin Up product but it works great. Also put the bottom two kisses in at the point first. It makes it much easier to put the other kisses in. They are so cute. Thank you again for the tutorial with all the pictures, if I can do it anyone can do it!