Friday, January 17, 2014

Friday Finds: Monster Hugs

Want a cute way to wish your friends and loved ones Happy Valentine's Day? How about a Monster Hug? Monster Hugs is an adorable Valentine kit offered by Stampin' Up until January 27, 2014. All you need to do is add chocolate. What could be easier than that? If you would like to build a stand for your Monster Hugs, check out my quick tutorial below.

Monster Hugs Finds
Here are some other great ideas to try with Monster Hugs... Monster Hugs with Tootsie Pop
by Andi Potler
Monster Hugs on Hershey Bar
by Susan Campfield
Monster Hugs You & Me Card
by Denise Donald
Monster Hugs Love you to the moon card
by Janet Holmes

Monster Hugs Stand

1. Start with a 3/4" x 2-1/2" piece of WINDOW SHEET. Note: I'm using card stock, because window sheets don't photograph well.

2. Fold the WINDOW SHEET in half lengthwise.

3. Keep the WINDOW SHEET folded in half and cut a slot about 1/4" from the end.

4. This is what the slit looks like after it's cut and still folded.

5. This is what the slit looks like after it's cut and unfolded.

6. Tuck the slits in between the middle toes with the WINDOW SHEET fold towards the front.

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