Thursday, November 14, 2013

Thursday Tip: Scissors Identified

Have you ever pulled out your paper-cutting scissors only to find out that they are all gunked up with adhesive? What you have is probably a case of scissor mis-identity. The way I see it is, paper-crafters use scissors for 3 main purposes: paper-cutting, ribbon-cutting and adhesive-cutting. I keep 3 separate pairs of scissors for these purposes and identify them so that EVERYONE knows what my scissors are meant for. My ribbon-cutting scissors have ribbon on them. My adhesive-cutting scissors have sticky strip on them...

AND last BUT NOT LEAST, my paper-cutting scissors have skull and cross bones washi tape on them (from the Witches' Brew Washi Tape collection). Yes SKULL AND CROSS BONES, this is supposed to serve as a warning to my family NOT to use these scissors. LOL! But seriously, you probably invest a lot of money in your scissors, identifying them for specific purposes will help them last longer. If your adhesive-cutting scissors do get gunked up with adhesive, I recommend De-Solv-It for gunk removal. If you're looking for some great paper-crafting scissors, I *heart* Stampin' Up's Craft Scissors and Paper Snips (see purchasing information below).

Thursday Tip Guest Stars: Craft Scissors (108360), Paper Snips (103579), Crisp Cantaloupe Ruffle Stretch Trim (130021), Sticky Strip (104294), Witches' Brew Designer Washi Tape (132156)

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  1. My favorite de-gunking solution is the WD-40 No-Mess Pen, found in many smaller hardware stores (Ace, Do-It-Best, True-Value type, not the big box DIY stores).