Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Hershey’s Ribbon for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

We all know someone who has been affected by breast cancer, so when a fellow stamper told me about a fundraiser she wanted to do next month, I set about trying to make a Hershey’s ribbon design. I got really frustrated with the larger designs I tried and then I hit upon this simple wrap around design with one kiss. My friend said that I should call it, “Breast Cancer Awareness with a kiss” and I kind of like that. This ribbon could be done in any color for a multitude of causes. I hope you like this simple and easily reproducible design.

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Hershey’s Ribbon Tutorial

Step One Template

1. To make this ribbon easier to make, we will be making a template in steps 1-4. Start with an 8” x ¾” strip of scrap cardstock.

Step Two Template

2. Make a pencil mark at the top of this strip ½” in on both sides.

Step Three Template

3. Use a ruler to draw a line a pencil line from the pencil mark to the nearest corner on the diagonal. Also draw a line at the 4” and 6” marks.

Step Four Template

4. Cut along the diagonal pencil lines. Your template is now done.

Step Five

5. Trace the diagonal pencil marks from the template onto a strip of 8” x ¾” Blushing Bride Cardstock.

Step Six

6. Also, transfer the 4” and 6” pencil marks onto the Blushing Bride Strip.

Step Seven

7. Cut the ends off along the diagonal pencil marks. Place a piece of sticky strip on the 4” and 6” pencil marks.

Step Eight Optional

8. If you would like to stamp on the strip you should do it now. Flip your card stock over and rotate it 180 Degrees. Then stamp on the far left side. The yellow marks indicate where the sticky strip is on the reverse side of the cardstock. Once you are finished stamping, flip and orient your card stock back to the way it was in step seven.

Step Nine

9. Remove the sticky strip liner from the 4” mark. Place a Hershey’s Kiss centered on the sticky strip.

Step Ten

10. Remove the last piece of sticky strip liner and complete the ribbon by crossing the right side of the strip over the left.

Step Eleven

11. Press down on the cross over to make sure that the sticky strip is adhered properly. You are done!! :)

Stampin’ Up Supplies:

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  • Card Stock: Blushing Bride (131198)
  • Ink: Smoky Slate (131179)
  • Adhesive: Sticky Strip (104294)
  • Other: Hershey’s Kisses

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    1. You have done it once again Brenda. My sister died of Breast Cancer and I will be making these in honor of her. Thanks.

      1. I'm so sorry to hear about your sister. {{ Hugs }}

    2. Wonderful idea Brenda, a Kiss for Cancer warms my heart!
      These would be sooooo perfect for any awareness event.
      10 yr survivor Anniv. coming up for me, I hoping to do something myself for next month.

      1. Pam, I had no idea. Congratulations on 10 years and here's to many more decades.

    3. Terrific idea, Brenda! Thank you for sharing your creativity with us, especially for such a worthy cause :)

    4. Brenda, I just love it!
      I was working with the campain Making Strides Against Breast Cancer and thinking about an inexpensive detail for all the people that supports me in this campaign and WALA, your blog post shows up. What a timing! I will be celebrating 7 years Cancer Free in October...thanks for sharing.

      1. Congratulations on being cancer free for 7 years. :) Good luck with the campaign!

    5. Brenda You come through again. My daughter is doing a service project for Breast Cancer Awareness month and it is a craft sale at the local Radiology office and she will now be adding these to the sale. Thank you very much.

    6. This is so cute and so timely! I love all of your projects & wished I lived next door to you! LOL You are an amazing and talented creator! *Hugs*