Saturday, July 20, 2013

Hershey's Kisses Butterfly Tutorial

I came up with the design for this Hershey’s butterfly months ago. When I saw how cute it was, I decided to save it for convention swaps or gifts. I ended up making almost 50 of these critters, because they were so much fun to make.

The double-sided brights designer paper stack is ideal for making these butterflies. The paper twists so that on the bottom you see one pattern and the top you see the other. For a complete supply list and link to my store, please see the end of this tutorial.

Hershey’s Butterfly Tutorial

Step One Template

1. To make this butterfly easier to make, we will be making a template in steps 1-4. To make the template, start with a 10“ x 1” strip of scrap card stock. On the long side, make a HALF INCH SCORE MARK at the 1”, 4-¼” and 7-½” marks.

Step Two Template

2. Cut along both sides of these ½” marks to create tiny slots 1/16” wide.

Step Three Template

3. Then take your paper snips and cut away the tiny strips that remain.

Step Four Template

4. This is what your template should look like when it’s done.

Step Five

5. To make the butterfly, start with TWO 10” x 1” strips of Melon Mambo Brights Designer Series Paper Stack.

Step Six

6. Trace the slots from your template onto the TWO strips. If you look closely, you will see the pencil lines on the melon mambo strips.

Step Seven

7. Cut along both sides of the pencil marks to create tiny slots 1/16” wide. Then take your paper snips and cut away the tiny strips that remain.

Step Eight

8. Bend both strips into a backward ‘S’ shape as shown.

Step Nine

9. Bring the strips together so that the slots line up.

Step Ten

10. Interlock both strips along the aligned slots making sure that the two long ends end up being side-by-side. If you end up with a long end and a short end next to each other, carefully pull the two strips apart and try again.

Step Eleven

11. To make the filler strips, start with a 4” x 4” piece of Melon Mambo Card Stock. On one side, score at the 1”, 2” and 3” marks.

Step Twelve

12. On the other side, cut the card stock into one-inch strips.

Step Thirteen

13. Fold the strips into triangles as shown.

Step Fourteen

14. Place the strips inside the loops of the butterfly. Be sure to insert the triangles gently, so as not to tear the designer series paper.

Step Fifteen

15. Pop a Hershey’s kiss into each triangle.

Step Sixteen

16. To create the antennae, curl the two long ends with a skinny wooden dowel or skewer.

Step Seventeen

17. Ta Da!! You are finished!!

Time Saver Steps

Time Saver Step 5: If you are making the butterflies out of 12 x 12 designer series paper, first cut your 12 x 12 paper at the10” mark to create a 10” x 12” piece and a 2” x 12” piece. Take the 10” x 12” piece and cut into into 1” strips along the 12” side to create twelve 10” x 1” strips. Then take the 12” x 2” piece and cut it at the 10” mark to create a 10” x 2” piece. (you will have a 2” x 2” square left over that is not used for this project). On the 2” side of the10” x 2” piece, cut at the 1” mark to create two 10” x 1” strips. You should now have FOURTEEN 10” x 1” strips enough strips to make SEVEN butterflies.

Time Saver Step 11: To make multiple filler strips, cut a piece of coordinating card stock 4” x 8”. On the 4” side, score at 1”, 2” and 3” marks.

Time saver Step 12: On the 8” side, cut into one inch strips. This step will create EIGHT filler strips, enough for TWO butterflies.

Stampin’ Up Supplies

  • Card Stock: Brights Designer Series Paper Stack (130134), Brights Card Stock (131190)
  • Tools: Simply Scored (122334); Paper Snips (103579)
  • Other: Hershey’s Kisses

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    1. those are so cute and the perfect swap! Hope you had a great time!

    2. These are by far the cutest in your Hershey series Brenda!!!1 Will love doing these too!!! ooxx

    3. WAUW...Brenda you did it again!!!
      What cute butterflies.
      Wish we could get those Hershey kisses here in Holland

    4. These are ADORABLE! I bet they were a huge hit! Thank you for putting together and sharing your tutorial. Well done!

    5. Amazing, Brenda!

      Will be making these this afternoon. I love making favors and your Hershey items are the bomb!


    6. I think it's pure genius when you come up with all these great Hershey kiss gift favors! Thanks for the wonderful tutorial too!

    7. You are so awesome. Thanks so much for sharing these cuties!

    8. Brenda:
      You have such a creative mind!! I'm amazed at how many ways you have come up with to dress up hersheys! A friend of mine is in an assisted living place and I always try to come with things for each holiday, so I think I will probably be making 50 of these for Labor day!! Thanks for all you share and do,

    9. I am soooo glad I have a Brenda original, this was too cute! And even more glad we got to meet and chat! :)

    10. Thank you!
      It was great receiving one of these at Convention ... and now I have the instructions to recreate it!
      And the kisses are still in my butterfly! :)

    11. These are so sweet - Thank you so much for all the time you put into creating and sharing with us - you have an amazing talent - April

    12. Love these. Can't wait to try them. They would make great party or reception favors

    13. Thanks for this wonderful tutorial. I shared it with ladies at our recent crafting get together. I have a post here. Now that I have found 'Kisses' in Australia I will be trying out more of your wonderful tutorials.

    14. Hi there---Pam Hodges gave me a few of your goodies--the shamrock and valentine kisses folded items as room mate goodies at this year's Leadership event that we all just came back from---love that you share the info on all sorts of these things for no charge and give hints too. Subscribed!!! Thanks so much, Nola

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    16. Love these!! You are so creative!

    17. I am making these for a bridal shower!!! It is a shabby chic and I am creating a park inside. I have gotten the flowers and plants worked out but was looking for cute way to include butterflies, birds etc. These will be perfect set around! Love them! TFS

    18. Thanks for the easy to follow tutorial and the time saving tips! I'm making these for a butterfly themed baby shower.

      Melissa in North Carolina

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    20. Finally after having this tutorial for years, i have finally made a butterfly!!

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