Monday, April 15, 2013

Hershey’s Graduation Cap Tutorial

Meet the latest installment in my Hershey’s favors: the Hershey’s graduation cap. This unassuming graduation cap hides a secret underneath… six Hershey’s kisses. Make the tassel in your school colors or add a message or name to the top to personalize the graduation caps and everyone will be amazed at your creativity. If you would like to make many of these make sure you check out my time saver steps and supply list at the end of the tutorial. PS: If you make these according to my instructions the kisses should be secure enough not to budge when handled. :)

I would like to dedicate these Hershey’s graduation caps to my niece Stephanie, who will be graduating from high school very soon. Congratulations Stephanie!

Hershey’s Graduation Cap Tutorial

Step One

1. Start with a 7” x 1-½” piece of Basic Black card stock. On the long side, score at 1”, 2-1/8”, 3-¼”, 4-¼”, 5-3/8” and 6-½”. Note: Stampin Up! sells top quality black card stock in packs of 24 sheets for $6.95 that will make your graduation caps sturdy and give them a professional look.

Step Two

2. On the short side, score at the 1” mark.

Step Three

3. On the long side put a length of sticky strip along the the 1/2" wide scored segments. Also, cut off the end square

Step Four

4. On the long side, cut through the sticky strip to create six half-inch tabs along the strip (see the blue lines for where to cut).

Step Five

5. Fold the strip along the score lines.

Step Six

6. Squeeze some multipurpose liquid glue onto the tab end.

Step Seven

7. Bring the ends of the piece together to form a hexagon. Make sure you hold the tab down for a few seconds so that the glue can seal the card stock fibers together. Set aside.

Step Eight

8. Cut a 7” x 2” piece of Summer Starfruit card stock. On the 7” side, score at all the inch marks (1”, 2”, 3” etc.).

Step Nine

9. On the 2” side, cut at the 1” mark.

Step Ten

10. Fold both strips into triangles as shown.

Step Eleven

11. Pop the strips into the hexagon. Note: Each strip takes up half of the hexagon.

Step Twelve

12. Place the kisses into the hexagon. Note: It is important that you place the kisses into the hexagon before attaching it to the top square piece. The hexagon might get misshapen causing the kisses not to fit properly if attached afterwards.

Step Thirteen

13. Cut a 3-½” square of black card stock. Find the center of the card stock and pierce a hole there. Note: If you would like to stamp or emboss a message on this flat piece you should do it now. I embossed “go confidently in the direction of your dreams” in black embossing powder during this step.

Step Fourteen

14. Place a black glimmer brad through the hole.

Step Fifteen

15. Remove the sticky strip liners from the hexagon piece and attach it to the back side of the square as shown.

Step Sixteen

16. To make the tassel, cut a 2-¼” x 1-½” piece of Summer Starfruit Card Stock. On the short side, score at the 1” mark.

Step Seventeen

17. Cut a 1” fringe along the long side as shown stopping each cut when you reach the score line.

Step Eighteen

18. Cut a 5” length of white baker’s twine. Dye your twine with a sponge dauber and the Summer Starfruit ink pad.

Step Nineteen

19. Place sticky strip along the long side of the card stock.

Step Twenty

20. Remove the sticky strip liner. Put both ends of the Baker’s twine on one end of the tassel piece making sure it adheres to the sticky strip.

Step Twenty-One

21. Roll up the tassel.

Step Twenty-two

22. Attach the tassel by sliding the twine over the glimmer brad.

Time Saver Steps

  • Time Saver Step One Start with a piece of 7” x 10-½” Basic Black card stock. On the 7” side, score at 1”, 2-1/8”, 3-¼”, 4-¼”, 5-3/8” and 6-½”.
  • Time Saver Step Two On the 10-½”, score at the 1”, 2-½”, 4”, 5-½”, 7”, 8-½”, 10” mark. Also on the 10-½” side, cut into 1-½” strips. This will enable you to make SEVEN cap frames at one time.
  • Time Saver Step Eight Start with a piece of 7” x 10” Summer Starfruit Card Stock. On the 7” side, score at all the inch marks (1”, 2”, 3” etc.).
  • Time Saver Step Nine On the 10” side, cut into one-inch strips. This will enable you to make TEN insert strips at one time, enough to make insert strips for FIVE graduation caps.

  • Time Saver Step Thirteen Make yourself a template for this step. Start with a 3-1/2" square of scrap card stock. To find the exact center of the square use a ruler and pencil to make an ‘X’ from corner to corner. Pierce the middle of your template and then on all future pieces you can use this hole as a guide to make your pencil mark.

    Stampin’ Up! Supplies:

  • Stamp Sets: Word Play (W 120308, C 120651)
  • Card Stock: Basic Black (121045), Summer Starfruit (126839)
  • Ink: Versamark (102283), Summer Starfruit (126991)
  • Tools: Simply Scored (122334), Stampin' Trimmer (126889), Heat Tool (129053), Sponge Daubers (102892), Stampin’ Pierce Mat (126199), Paper-Piercing Tool (126189), Embossing Buddy (103083)
  • Embellishments: Neutrals Glimmer Brads (121003), White Baker’s Twine (124262), Black Embossing Powder (109133)
  • Adhesives: Sticky Strip (104294), Multipurpose Liquid Glue (110755)
  • Other: Hershey’s Kisses

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    1. Love this idea. Looks very easy to make. Thank you for the tutorial.

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    5. THANK you, Thank you!!!! I have loved all of your cute Hershey Kiss Tutorials but really LOVE this one as our granddaughter is graduating in two months and I was looking for something 'different' to make her than just a regular card!!! I'll probably make one for each of her friends that are graduating, too.

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    15. My daughter is graduating from college on Sunday. This will be a cute little gift. Thanks, Brenda!

    16. Brenda the timing on this Grad Cap is so great for me. My fabulous nephew Jacob graduates in three weeks, and I've been wanting to have something special for him. Thanks for your awesome tutorial and this more than perfect gift idea!

    17. Brenda I changed it up a bit but my Ladies just loved it. I made a card inside of the top of the hat so it opens up to reveal the message YOURE AMAZING and I added a window sheet to the bottom and a cover that slides on and off the under hat part. Same as the piece you had but different measurement and folded inward the sticky strip and added acetate and trimmed edges so you could still see the kisses. the measurement for it was 7 1/2 inches scored at 1 1/8, 2 1/4. 3 3/8, 4 3/8 and 6 5/8 add sticky strip to the same sides and fold top inward. I also embossed the Go in the Direction of your dreams with Silver embossing powder. Thanks for sharing the directions with everyone. You are so sweet.

    18. I made one of these for my nephew's graduation, this past weekend. I did change the top so it opened... I wanted to be able to write a message. It was a total wow! My nephew and all his friends commented on how cool it was. Thanks for the great idea!

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