Monday, December 17, 2012

Drawstring Gift Bags

I'm so excited! I'm learning how to sew. I have wanted to learn, since FOREVER! When I was a little girl we had a very temperamental machine in the house and try as I might I could not sew on it. Fast forward to 2012 and my birthday/Christmas present was a Baby Lock sewing machine. I'm the luckiest girl in the world to have a husband so kind to give me such a wonderful gift. Some girls like diamonds, perfume and shoes... and then there's me. I like crafty tools. :)

I've had my sewing machine all of three weeks and I've already read the manual cover to cover, taken a class (thanks Melissa), and used my friends as guinea pigs for my first solo project. I made these drawstring bags using Destri's great tutorial found HERE! I changed up the dimensions a little and I didn't square off my corners, but the rest is the same. I purchased the Deck the Halls fabric on the Stampin' Up! clearance rack for .99 cents! I made six drawstrings bag from one pack of fabric. I hope you like my first solo sewing project! I have a lot to learn.

Stampin' Up Supplies:
  • Fabric: Deck The Halls Designer Fabric (121716)
  • Ribbon: Retired Cherry Cobbler 3/8" Quilted Satin

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    1. WOW....these are wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!! You have reason to be proud of yourself....and know your friends will be thrilled!

    2. I love these bags---great sewing! I'm hoping santa brings me a sewing machine so I can make pretty projects like yours :)

    3. I hope Santa brings you a sewing machine too! Merry Christmas!